Top Altcoins to Watch Out For in 2022

While Bitcoin will probably always be king when it comes to cryptocurrency use cases, and Ethereum may very well take over as the first “decentralized” platform (as far as casinos go), these cryptocurrencies do exist for good reason. And while some people choose to gamble on them, they can also play an important role in future casinos. If you are going to be gambling using cryptocurrency then you need to know all your altcoins perfectly. Although Bitcoin is the obvious one, there are many other cryptocurrencies that fall in line with this new trend of gambling which is why we have created a list of the top altcoins to watch out for in 2022.


The second most popular coin is Ethereum – although unlike bitcoin it does not have its own official casino website. But its popularity has soared, especially after its main net was launched last year. With it being the second-largest coin by market cap, it is likely to continue growing in popularity in the future. Although it may not win any awards for best graphics or best user experience, it still offers the lowest withdrawal fees and perhaps the biggest range of games available. So if you want to start playing now, it might just be worth checking out.

Bitcoin Cash

The third most popular coin is bitcoin cash. It is sometimes confused with the original bitcoin but is actually based on a different fork of the same blockchain. In fact, it has the same number of coins, at 888 million coins total. As with every crypto, you should be careful because the exchanges may charge high fees, so check this beforehand. However, since it already has a fairly large user base, it is definitely worth looking into.


The fifth-most popular coin is iota and, like Ethereum, it has gained popularity since its launch. This is mainly due to its low transaction fee on transactions and its ability to work across more devices than any other crypto coins. It is also currently developing interesting features such as off-chain scaling which could make it even more useful in the near future. So if you want great tech, a safe reliable wallet service and decent withdrawal fees, look no further!


The sixth-ranked coin is litecoin. While it doesn’t have the highest transaction fees, it is still pretty popular among gamers who love its instant confirmation. Plus it has a fairly strong community and boasts a unique reward system where miners get rewarded for finding blocks. Also, it is generally known for having much faster confirmation times than others with similar values. So if you want speed and security this is certainly something worth investigating in the future!


The seventh-ranked coin is Monero. There are several reasons for its popularity. Its anonymity feature makes it ideal for online gamblers. Not only that but it has had great success in recent years thanks to the fact that it is one of few currencies that allow transactions without revealing any information about sender, recipient or amount. So if you are concerned about privacy, this would be a great choice.


The eighth-placed cryptocoin is ripple. Originally founded in 2012, it seems to be undergoing another revival right now. Some people argue that this is due to its partnership with banks, however, this isn’t 100% accurate. The real reason appears to be the recent release of xpring, which provides better support and integration of Ripple’s codebase with other platforms. This means that many of the existing plugins and tools for XRP can easily be ported over to xpring, making it easier for developers and users alike. So if you want your casino to be able to integrate easily with any platform, then this is the currency to go for.

Binance Coin

The ninth-place cryptocurrency is Binance Coin (BNB). It is one of the oldest cryptocurrencies, dating back all the way to 2017 when it first came out. At present, they’re working hard to provide advanced functionalities within their ecosystem through their new decentralized exchange named ‘binancex’. If you’re looking for a coin that will keep up with the rest of them and really take advantage of developments in the coming months, then BNB is probably the coin for you.


The tenth-ranked coin is dash. Dash was created by Evan Duffield after he left Mt Gox in 2014. Since then, it has been growing at an amazing rate, often outperforming Bitcoin. This is largely down to its innovative approach to blockchain technology and Dash’s association with IBM, which allows it to offer merchants some pretty nifty features. So if you’d rather have a well designed and easy to use product than just good technology, Dash may well be what you need.


Last but not least is EOS (EOS). Despite being ranked number 10, the current state of things suggests EOS is definitely going places. Their block time is very quick at just 14 seconds compared to Bitcoin Core’s average of 15 minutes. They also boast an impressive degree of decentralization as there is no central governing body, allowing anyone to use the network from anywhere. So if you’re interested in creating your own blockchain, they might be the ones to watch out for.