Top 5 cryptocurrency gambling sites

Gambling has been around since ancient times but it was when the human race started to use cash that gambling became one of the most popular pastimes in history. In more modern times gambling came to be because people could no longer be trusted to manage their own finances as they were not capable or willing to understand how money works. They needed someone else to make all the decisions on their behalf so that these individuals would be able to play games like roulette and blackjack at an even higher rate than they did before. Because of this gambling became widespread across cultures which is why we find today’s casinos everywhere. But this article is going to be giving you the best cryptocurrency casinos right now.


One of the best options for anyone wanting to gamble in cryptocurrencies; uses a provably fair random number generator system which is very difficult to hack. The site itself is also very easy to navigate thanks to its intuitive design making everything very user-friendly and simple to follow. It doesn’t have any restrictions on what kinds of currencies can be used either so if you want to gamble in BTC, DASH or ETH then there isn’t anything stopping you. This is one of the bigger choices out of all the other cryptocurrency casinos listed here as it offers such a wide selection that you’ll never get bored as things are always changing.


This casino comes from the same company as and sports betting, and offers various types of gaming on some of your favourite websites including the likes of roulette, poker and slots. Unlike other online casinos, Bovada does not offer traditional currency deposits or withdrawals however instead only accepts Bitcoin and Ethereum.

This is obviously going to limit what kind of players this website caters for however those who don’t mind this restriction will love the fact that they can deposit just about anywhere without having to worry, as well as withdraw funds from anywhere too! Another cool feature that makes this casino stand out is the ability to bet on nearly every sporting event live using Bovada’s sportsbook. This means you can place bets on NFL football, NHL hockey, NBA basketball and MLB baseball matches while they happen rather than leaving it until after the game has happened.

Betway Casino

This is another great option for those wanting to take advantage of a variety of bitcoin casino games, especially if you are looking for a large list of them. There is a good range of different types of games available ranging from slots to poker as well as table games. The big bonus offered by this casino is a 100% match up to $1000 which gives you access to an additional amount of money to spend on games.

One thing worth mentioning about this casino is that unlike many other casinos it actually allows users to register an account through Facebook in order to claim the 50 free spins once registered. This is great news for those who prefer playing social casino games with friends as you can do exactly that during these spin rounds. Also like other casinos, there are no real wagering requirements involved meaning you’re basically getting 100% of your initial investment back plus a little extra for winning.

Millionaire Fortune

Now let me explain something very important here: Millionaire Fortune is a completely legitimate and regulated brand within the cryptocurrency industry and is licensed in Curacao. What sets it apart from other casinos is that it is entirely focused on providing a safe environment where you can earn interest-free crypto loans. These are basically small amounts of Bitcoins or Altcoins held by the site which are invested into other projects allowing you to earn interest on all of the coins deposited into your account. When you finally decide to cash out this entire process occurs automatically and the payments are made via a peer-to-peer network.

Bwin Casino

A lot of people may be familiar with bwin due to their partnership with Pinnacle Sports but Bwin has been around since 2013 offering both live dealer and cryptocurrency-based casino games. They also offer a number of different payment methods including Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Paypal as well as more and more cryptocurrencies such as Litecoin and Ripple. Their bonuses vary between 20%-100%, depending on how much you deposit, and include a welcome package that includes 40 Free Spins (on Starburst) and three months of free play.

Netbet Casino

If you’ve ever used NetBet before then you already know it has been one of the most popular destinations when it comes to gambling online. You may even have played a few free games at NetBet in the past and found yourself hooked. Although this isn’t a new concept, NetBet is definitely one of the best places to make use of it. For starters, NetBet offers over 400 games to choose from including Roulette, Blackjack, Poker and slot machines. They also boast one of the largest VIP Clubs giving members exclusive benefits including weekly giveaways, private tournaments and access to daily promotions. If you win any prizes you receive them instantly from NetBet so there won’t be any wait time to collect whatever you’ve won.